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About Us

Creative and Reliable

AutoNetTV Studios’ driving purpose is to bring your stories to life.   Some of the biggest names in the industry turn to us for videos that take their audience on a journey to the promised land. 

Plus we’re freaking awesome to work with.   

Your Creative Team

Lance 2019.jpg
Lance Hover.jpg

VP of Production Development

Before co-founding AutoNetTV, Lance spent 20 years counting and rearranging other people’s very expensive beans.

​Now, he’s a mere peasant in the Nerd Town Village Hamlet that is AutoNetTV Production.


​Without Lance, the Production team would win more interdepartmental athletic competitions.  And he’s monumentally terrible at Jenga.

Brandon Hover.jpg

VP of Production & Creative Director

After coming to terms with having all girls and a female pet cat in his life, Brandon has taken up the most manly sport possible - cycling.  He awaits the call any day now to be on a professional team but insists they have the wrong phone number.


Hiking, music and hanging out with his family are some favorite activities outside of working at AutoNetTV.

Jayme Hover.jpg

3D Generalist

Jayme, obviously is a red head, and he makes sure to remind everyone of that fact daily. He claims its natural and that he regularly attends anger management classes, but Shawn has seen him walking out of Walmart with what looks like #5 red hair dye on his way to the local My Little Pony meet-up.


3D Animator

Steve loves working for AutoNetTV doing cool automotive art and animations. Steve’s other loves are sketching, playing bass guitar in an oldies rock band or playing with his 17 grandchildren.

Dan Hover.jpg

Motion Graphics

Grilling, going to the movies, drawing, and reading are just a few of the things that Dan likes to do in his spare time.

New software, technology, and fountain pens are appreciated at any time

Tyler Hover.jpg

Video Editor

Tyler has a passion for creativity and visual storytelling. This involves videography, photography, video editing, music production, or anything involving the creative process.


Outside of his professional commitments, he thrives on staying active, whether it's hitting the gym or relishing the great outdoors.

Victoria Rivera.JPG
Victoria Rivera 2.JPG

Graphic Designer

Tori has a BA in English but somehow ended up working in graphic design. She’s lived in a few different states but has fervently left her heart in Oregon.


Her hobbies include critiquing font usage on local business signs, writing epic fiction that almost no one is allowed to read, exceeding her high scores on Beat Saber, and mastering the art of negotiation with toddlers.

Shawn Hover.jpg

Account Manager

Shawn has a lot of growing-up to do. He is happily married and has three sons that look oddly like his mail man.


He likes to write and draw comics that no one will ever see, play with Lego, read books (with and without pictures), and skateboard when his old-man body will let him.


He claims he’s not an alien, but refers to others as Earthlings way too often.

Marc Hover.png

Account Manager

Marc has a bachelor’s degree in marketing and has worked in the Automotive space for 10 years. He has been married for 26 years.


He is very family oriented and loves watching his kids participate in sports. He has 2 boys and a daughter, His oldest son is a Surgical Tech, His middle son plays golf for Southwestern Oregon Community College and his daughter is a Sophomore in High School, who plays soccer and golf. All his kids played soccer and golf.


He has a passion for golf. His wife is a CTE (Career and Technical Education Coordinator) for a local school district so his family loves education and its importance in today’s society!

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