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Hot Topics

It’s a big industry and we make videos on a wide variety of topics.  There are some hot segments in the market.  Check out our approach.

Trade show booth videos

Great booths have great videos.  They provide reference points for people manning the booth, and continue to tell your story when your team is engaged with prospects.


Screens attract attention.  Exhibitors turn to AutoNetTV to create visually engaging videos that draw people in.  Whether you need to showcase a new product or program, or even reposition your company, we can help with any aspect of presenting your big ideas.  

Fuel system cleaning

If you compete in this segment you know it takes a lot to stand out.  3D animation brings your prospects right into the fuel system where they can see what your product can do.

AutoNetTV Production helps automotive chemical companies show how their products work in a virtual, 3D environment.  Let us take your viewer inside a combustion chamber to show how your fuel system cleaner performs. Check out the short video below.

Coolant / Additives 

Your product does what it does at a molecular level.  Video has the power to show how it works. Motorists visualize the benefits and are motivated to buy.

We help coolant and coolant additive makers make high-impact videos that demonstrate how their products clean and protect throughout the cooling system.  Let us help motorists see your products make components last longer and perform better. Check out the short video below.

Engine oil additives 

Lubricity, friction, detergency, stiction, viscosity, dispersal, LSPI, conditioning, stabilization: How do you explain the results your products deliver?  With a darn good video, that’s how.

Oil additive makers frustrated with their inability to stand out in a sea of big-budget competitors, turn to AutoNetTV Production to create outstanding videos that take the viewer right inside the engine.   They’ll see how your products boost performance and increase protection. Check out the short video below.

Diesel chemicals

Diesel owners are a special breed, committed to performance and fuel economy.  They need your product to keep their diesel clean and running strong. Make a video to show them why.

The diesel owner experience is different.  Microbial slime, gelling, water dispersal, gummed injectors, carbon deposits, phase separation - a lot can go wrong.  Let AutoNetTV Production make a video taking your prospects through diesel systems, demonstrating how your products protect motorists and deliver a great diesel experience.   Check out the short video below.

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