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Our Work

Much of the work we do is for our clients’ internal use, so we can’t show off how amazing it is.  We’ll honor your confidentiality as well. Here are some of the services we offer with samples where appropriate.

Our Work

Case Studies

Chevron Havoline

Chevron is one of our oldest clients. We have done 11 projects with a total of 28 videos.

Together, we’ve created videos for well-established products as well as for new and complex concepts, distilling technical data and market research into plans that address multiple stakeholders and uphold corporate values. 

• Trade show                  • Product Launch

•  LMS                              • Website

• Custom 3D Assets.     • International

MBE Group

Founded by automotive marketing legend Tom Marx, the MBE Group has become a go-to place for parts manufacturers and suppliers, established and new. We have collaborated with MBE on 30 projects over the years. Our organizations work together to refine their clients’ vision and create and execute the action plan. Projects include 3D website assets, product launch videos, awards videos, and concept exploration work. 


This project is a series of Pro Tips videos showing best practices and how Permatex products can help get the job done right.  The videos needed to be valuable to professionals and accessible for DIY’ers.  The videos feature a professional actor as a spokesperson and a master technician performing the repairs.  The Permatex Pro Tips videos can be seen here Permatex Training Portal and here Permatex Pro Tips: How To Repair A Muffler. Another video has been created for the series for a product to launch soon.

Stage 8 Fasteners

Having worked with Keri on projects with her previous company, she introduced us to Stage 8 Fasteners for a SEMA booth video featuring 3D animation for their locking fasteners. 

Our Trusted Partners
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